• RAMIFEHARIVO Maharo Resident in cardio-vascular surgery, Cardio-vascular surgery care unit at Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona (JRA) Hospital, Antananarivo. Madagascar
  • RAJAOBELISON Tsirimalala Cardio-vascular surgeon, Cardio-vascular surgery care unit at Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona (JRA) Hospital, Antananarivo. Madagascar
  • RAKOTOARISOA ANDRIAMIHAJA Jean Claude Professor of cardio-vascular surgery at Antananarivo university. Madagascar




Aneurism, Coronary artery disease, Cerebro-vascular disease, lower extremity artery disease, Polyvascular disease


Introduction : Polyvascular disease is a public health issue in the whole World. It is an incidental finding or it is discovered when there are manifestations due to low perfusion. The aim of this study is to report epidemiological, diagnosis and therapeutic aspects of this disease in JRA Hospital Antananarivo Madagascar.

Patients and  methods. It’s a retrospective and analytic study of 446 patients, from first January 2010 to 31th December 2019.

Results :This study counted  330 men and 116 women. They are between 50 and 60 (47.53%). The main risk factors are the age, the male gender, smoking and inactivity. The discovery circumstances is the lower extremity artery disease. The anti-atheromatous treatment is the base of the management. Only one third of the patients attend the periodic check up. Among them, five percent have bad outcomes and the others have steady arterial damage.

The prevalence of multisite artery disease is higher in this study compared to the others. Some of them are performed in general population and some other in people with cerbro-vascular disease. The main background discovery is the lower extremity artery disease while in other studies, it is either the coronary artery disease or the systematic screening. The open surgery is performed here, except the sus renal aorta aneurism, the coronaropathy due to a lack of technical equipment. 

Conclusion : Polyvascular disease needs to be searched in high cardio-vascular risk factors patients or in  symptomatic patients. Risk factors control is the condition of an efficient management.

Key words : Aneurism ; Coronary artery disease ;Cerebro-vascular disease ; Lower extremity   artery disease ; Polyvascular disease.


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